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the GPO - a journey down memory lane

Tehani's photo of the GPO

Tehani Ariyaratne has posted this picture of the old GPO  which I am made to understand was one of the venues of this year's Colomboscope

The GPO was an important part of my growing up years - when incredibly we managed to thrive despite having neither television (not  in Sri Lanka till after 1977) nor the internet.  We had what we proudly called our 'hobbies' - so stamp collecting was one of mine.  Reading, was another. Corresponding with penpals (equivalent of facebook friends or twitter followers, I guess) was a third.

The GPO and its environs formed a pivotal part of my engagement with my 'hobbies'.  Frequently on a Sunday, my father would drive my sister and me to the Fort.  Often we would stop at the GPO because it was the only post office opened on a Sunday, and I would post my laboriously penned letters to my penpals.   The uncles (think they were always uncles) at the counter would weigh my epistle and then hand me the correct…

The Human Rights avatar of the SDGs - the Right to Development

Yours truly is following a course on International Human Rights that has just introduced to us  the concept of the Right to Development.   The South Centre has just put out its South Bulletin No 93 of August 16,2016 devoted to the panel discussion in June this year at the Human Rights Council to celebrate 30th Anniversary of the adoption of the Right to Development by the United Nations General Assembly

Read with interest the presentation of Dr Mihir Kanade, Head of the Department of International La and Human Rights and Director of the Human Rights Centre on  Operationalising the Right to Development for Implementing the SDGs.  He describes the Right to Development as the Human Rights  avatar of the  SDGs, and makes 6 specific points on what operationalising the Right to Development would entail, summarised below using Dr Kanade's own words....

1. focusing not only on the outcomes which must result from the implementation of the 2030 agenda, but equally on the processes by which…