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Who is the devil? and where are the angels?

This is the story of a colleague working in an organisation of which I am a director. I have changed his name as a respect to his privacy, but the story remains the same.Mr Sivanathan’s family has been severely affected by the recent events in the previously rebel-held areas of North Eastern Sri Lanka.
Mr. Sivanathan’s son and daughter-in-law were teachers in Kilinochchi before they and their four children were forced into the ‘No Fire Zone’ by LTTE rebels. Whilst being held in the ‘No Fire Zone’, the family’s young son was killed by a shell attack. The funeral was held on Tuesday 19th May. The same shell seriously injured the child’s mother, who has been transported to hospital and is being cared for by a team of French Medics. Mr. Sivanathan’s son and three surviving grandchildren, girls aged 11, 9 and 4, were rescued by the Sri Lankan army, and transferred to an IDP camp in Setti Kulam. Security measures mean that they are unable to leave the camp to visit their mother in hospital…

a moderate opinion exists

The war is going to end in the worst possible way. Huge number of innocent civilians are either dead, maimed or injured; a huge number of young soldiers will go home without some part of their body, or in body bags unopened, unidentified(army casualties is no one's business at the moment). Meanwhile both sides are throwing invectives at each other like they were teenage neighbourhood gangs. The moderate voice seems to be stilled. That is until I read this.