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Disturbing vignettes (a series) - Sept 26: the brutalising effect of war

Check this out if you haven't already.
It is a video of the Sri Lankan army executing Tamils early this year and was shown on Channel 4 recently and did the rounds of emails, facebook etc. Naturally it sparked a huge row. GOSL denied it of course. Experts tried to prove it was a fake. Last heard, GOSL was going to sue Channel 4.

The footage is udoubtedly quite horrific and irrespective of whether this video is a fake or not, I think it is quite possible that such incidents could have taken place. What I find disturbing is that responsible journalists, and responsible citizens are happy to accept 'evidence' that has so obviously not been triangulated, that is openly admitted to being 'unverified'.

Is it not also an indictment of our times that no one is seeing the video as depicting the brutalising effect of war. Armed conflict creates monsters on both sides - and this for me is the most important message that this video needs to bring…